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A dental implant is a surgical titanium post which is placed into your jaw bone and acts like a tooth root.The implant will then fuse to your bone which usually takes eight to twelve weeks and this process is caused osseointegration. Once this has been achieved it can then support either a custom made crown, bridge or can be used to stabilise dentures.
The crown or bridge is connected to the implant by a custom made abutment which is used to attach the implant and crown or bridge together.

Benefits of Dental Implants

• Can look and feel like your natural tooth

• Can prevent bone loss and preserve facial structure


• Can improve Speech

• Can increase function

Once dental implants have integrated they act like your natural tooth transmitting forces into your bone. This means you no longer have to stick to “ Safe foods” and be limited in your choice of food.

• Can replace missing teeth without interfering with adjacent teeth


• Can be long lasting

Like your natural teeth if implants are looked after and you regularly attend your general dentist and hygienist for monitoring and maintaining dental implants could last for a very long time

• Can rebuild your confidence

All of the above points can impact on your confidence. Having missing teeth may affect how you smile, talk or laugh. Having dental implants placed can increase comfort, confidence, build self esteem and enhance your overall quality of life.


For nervous patients who find going to the dentist stressful or you get anxious we can provide

Intra Venous sedation.


IV Sedation


IV sedation involves giving a sedative drug called midazolam into a vein, usually in the arm or hand.


It makes you feel much more relaxed about the treatment you are about to have done, taking away fears and anxieties.


Although you will not go to sleep, you may think that you have been. Many people cannot remember very much about the treatment afterwards.


During sedation your pulse and breathing will be monitored by a clip on your finger or thumb.


Advantages of IV Sedation


• It means you will not need a general anaesthetic and therefore makes the procedure much safer


• You will be relaxed and feel sleepy

• An adjustable dose is given for each patient

• It is fast acting


• You will need a shorter recovery time than from a general anaesthetic • It can reduce or prevent you from gagging

• Consciousness is maintained throughout the procedure









Implant & Crown


“Your dentist feels that you would benefit from a consultation with us”


It may be that you have a long standing space, a failing tooth or that you are a denture wearer and are keen not to need to wear one.

In any case your dentist has referred you to the team at Seddon Dental Implants.

Our aim is to give you all the information you need to make the right treatment choice for you.


We are a team of dental professionals who visit your practice, carrying out dental implant treatment, working with your practice and dentist.

We bring all our own equipment, materials and instruments to your practice, so you don't need to come to us.

We have chosen to limit our practice to implant dentistry and to work in this way.

We have support staff to answer any questions you may have and look to give you all the information you need to make the right choice for you.

We have dedicated sterilisation and administration base in South Wales.


You will be contacted by one of our team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are happy to go ahead, a consultation appointment will be arranged with you.

Your practice will inform you of the cost of the consultation with us.

Consultations usually take about an hour and involve an examination of your mouth, along with radiographs.

We are then able to discuss all possible treatment options, including those not involving dental implants, and give you some understanding of the risks and benefits of each.

We then follow that up with a written treatment plan, reviewing the options discussed.


If you are not a patient of one the practices we attend - Just refer yourself!

Its simple - Please click contact us fill out the form and a member of your team will contact you.


Alternatively you can call us on 0330 0552 658