These patients are more than happy to talk to any new patients thinking about having treatment with us.



I was embarrased

My grandson kindly pointed out the VERY LARGE gap at the side of my mouth and asked loudly in front of friends “What did the tooth fairy bring you, nanny?”

I had no idea until then how noticeable the gap was I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Seddon, who was very understanding and reassuring
I was a bit apprehensive, but the surgery was over before I knew it. Looking back, there was no need at all to be nervous. Two months later I have a new tooth. The only problem now is explaining to my grandson just how the fairies managed their magic on me.



I had lost my dignity

My main concern about having my knee operation was waking up without my dentures

I had managed to keep it my false teeth a secret from my children and friends – for more than 30 years.
If I was young and healthy enough for a new hip, then why didn’t I sort out my teeth ?
Dr. Seddon and his team explained all the options to me in a way I could understand. They appreciated why I had felt embarrassed by my dentures for so long

I opted for teeth that do not move at all and will never slip out

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to not have to worry about my teeth any longer!
I laugh more, eat more and feel much more confident
My only regret is not doing it sooner!



I felt so old

At the age of 17 I had all my upper teeth removed because they were not straight 
It was a huge mistake because up until a few years ago I wore a denture 
I adapted to the first denture quite well but over the years each replacement denture did not fit well and really hurt and rubbed on my gums 
It rocked and dropped even when I talked and smiled and I also looked as if I didn't have my denture in

It’s funny, but one of the changes I notice is that I can now feel the air on the roof of my mouth when I go out on a cold day
I can also put bright lipstick on and smile, as I am no longer self conscious about my teeth 
My family and friends don't know why I look so much happier now, I hid the fact I didn't have my own teeth from everyone 



I was ashamed

Eventually, I learned to hide my teeth. I made sure my lips were closed in photos, and held my hand in front of my mouth when I spoke to people.

My teeth were really bad. 1970s ‘school dentists’ had drilled and filled, but mostly extracted. My long addiction to chewy sweets hadn’t helped. Then I started to have problems biting through my food properly.

When my regular dentist mentioned the word ‘dentures’ to me – at the age of 40 – I thought I’d better find someone who could help. Ian Seddon talked me through the problem and explained the solutions. I decided to bite the bullet: Ian and his team were brilliant and supportive at every stage.


The implants Ian fitted changed my life: I could smile, I could eat anything, I felt confident and I gave up the sweets!