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I lacked confidence

I should have listened to my mum when she told me not to use my teeth to open bottles of beer Stupidly I didn’t – and fractured two teeth right at the front of my mouth I had no idea just how much this would affect me: I had to hide my teeth going to work, when smiling or having photos taken. My confidence really suffered –as did my attempts to find a girlfriend!

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I was embarrassed

My grandson kindly pointed out the VERY LARGE gap at the side of my mouth and asked loudly in front of friends “What did the tooth fairy bring you, nanny?”

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I couldn't smile

I lost a tooth at the side of my mouth not long after having twins. The gap was not too large but noticeable when I smiled

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I had lost my dignity

My main concern about having my knee operation was waking up without my dentures

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I was ashamed

Eventually, I learned to hide my teeth. I made sure my lips were closed in photos, and held my hand in front of my mouth when I spoke to people.

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I felt so old

At the age of 17 I had all my upper teeth removed because they were not straight 
It was a huge mistake because up until a few years ago I wore a denture 
I adapted to the first denture quite well but over the years each replacement denture did not fit well and really hurt and rubbed on my gums 
It rocked and dropped even when I talked and smiled and I also looked as if I didn't have my denture in

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