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I couldn't smile

I lost a tooth at the side of my mouth not long after having twins. The gap was not too large but noticeable when I smiled

I began to realise how conscious this made me during the photos at my brother’s wedding
I made sure that the camera was always on my left side
Not long after losing my tooth I cracked one on the opposite side – because that was now the easiest side to chew on
I called the team at Seddon Dental Implants who were really friendly and very helpful
I asked lots of questions: how long would the procedure take? Would I experience any discomfort? How many visits I would I need?
They answered all my queries and put my mind at rest

The procedure was so much easier than I could have imagined
I was able to go home, look after the twins and even eat a soft meal.
The crown looks brilliant and am so pleased. I can smile properly and never worry about having my photo taken.


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